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Who We Are

Microbial media is an essential tool utilized across diverse fields and industries. The mission of S2Media is to provide quality prepared microbiological culture media to all industries. Our vision is to be recognized as a leading provider of prepared microbial culture medium. Well respected for technical expertise, quality, timely delivery, and adherence to the highest ethical standards, by our customers and competitors, with a focus on providing media to microbiological laboratories.

S2Media is a certified woman-owned and operated company consisting of Stephanie Bernards, Executive Director; Sommer Teague, Operations Director; and Molly Paridon, Supply Chain Director. Combined, the owners have over 40 years of experience in parenteral pharmaceutical manufacturing, quality control laboratory and supply chain.

S2Media’s business environment supports cost effective, high quality product that helps our customers meet increasing microbiology test requirements – across all industries.

Meet The Management Team

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Stephanie Bernards

Executive Director

Stephanie graduated from Eastern Washington University with a BS in Microbiology and continued on to earn an MS in Microbiology. She has over 15 years of industry experience in the fields of microbiology, pharmaceuticals, and education. She spent 12 years with a Contract Manufacturing Organization responsible for the manufacture and control of parenterals and immunotherapies. Throughout various management roles she gained extensive knowledge and experience working in a highly regulated industry and has hands on experience with regulatory agencies including ISO auditors, FDA, JP, Brazil, EMEA, and USDA inspectors in a cGMP environment. She is a recognized subject matter expert in the field of aseptic processing and technique and was responsible for training people in aseptic operations. She is a member of PDA and has a green belt in lean manufacturing and 6-sigma. She is aware of the need for high quality culture media and laboratory standards meeting multi-compendial requirements. In her spare time, she teaches microbiology laboratory classes at Gonzaga University (Go ZAGS!).

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Sommer Teague

Operations Director

Sommer graduated from Eastern Washington University with a BS in Chemistry and a Forensic Chemistry option. She has 12 years of industry experience with a Contract Manufacturing Organization dealing with highly regulated systems, processes, and agencies. Sommer started as a scientist in the Quality Control laboratory and quickly worked her way into supervisory and management roles where she was responsible for release testing of incoming materials and facility utilities, laboratory sample chain of custody, overall compliance for the QC department, and the facility stability program. Compliance responsibilities included oversight of training for QC personnel; acquisition, installation, and qualification of new instruments; maintenance and verification of qualified instruments; method verification and/or validation; environmental chambers; and process controls for systems and use. Additional experience/certification include fluent use of pharmaceutical compendia, ICH guidelines, and CFR; method verification/method validation; SAP ERP (super user); Human Error Reduction and Human Error Investigation Diagnostics (HER and HEID certification); investigations, corrective actions, and preventative actions (CAPA); regulatory agency/government inspections, client audits and associated responses. Throughout her career, Sommer has gained knowledge and experience in equipment management, computer systems validation, inventory control, problem solving, and knows how to operate a facility within the boundaries of cGMP requirements.

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Molly Paridon

Supply Chain Director

Molly graduated from Western Washington University with a BA in Business Management. She has 15 years of industry experience focused on Supply Chain in a FDA regulated manufacturing environment.  Eleven years of Molly’s experience comes from a Contract Manufacturing Organization where she progressed from a Planner I to Senior Manager of Supply Chain. In her latest role she was responsible for and personally engaged in all areas of Supply Chain, including Procurement, Production Planning, Warehouse Management, Material Management, and Demand Management. Molly’s Procurement experience includes, vendor selection, contract and price negotiations, procurement budget. In Production Planning Molly was responsible for scheduling multi production lines with multi-phase products. In Warehouse Management she oversaw 50k sq. ft. of warehouse space with 12,500 unique commodities, batch management, temperature controlled, Receiving, Warehouse and Distribution functions.  Molly has Enterprises Resource Planning (ERP) experience including being a core team member to the SAP design, implementation and training.

See the S2Media Difference

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